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The Municipality of Øygarden welcomes you !

Øygarden aims to give you a taste of our community in the summermagazine. We have the pleasure to invite you to visit us.

Frå Nautnes fiskevær - Klikk for stort bilete Union Jack - Klikk for stort bilete Frå Nautnes fiskevær - Klikk for stort bilete

Here you can experience fantastic landscapes, the ocean, beautiful villages and a range of activities, all year round. Our magazine describes some of the great experiences available ; boating, diving, birdwatshing, cycling, climbing, fishing and trekking. Read this magazine to find out what`s on offer.

You`ll find the magazine here.

Welcome to Øygarden !

Here you can see the film "Vild and authentic"

Øygarden kommune - Wild and Authentic from Snitt Reklamebyrå on Vimeo.

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