The Introductory Programme

The authorities offer refugees an Introductory Programme. For two years, participants in the programme get an opportunity to learn Norwegian, gain work experience in a place of work, and learn to understand Norwegian society.

The refugees who do not have their own source of income have a right and an obligation to participate in the programme.

Participants receive benefits equal twice the national insurance scheme's basic amount. (2 G).

Participants under the age of 25 get 2/3 support. The programme's target group is defined by the law. Broadly speaking it is aimed at:

•New refugee arrives in Norway between the age of 18 and 55
•People who are settled in agreement with IMDI
•Family-reunited immigrants that have not been settled in Norway for more than five years.

Publisert av Beate Hetlevik. Sist endra 04.01.2016
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