Øygarden municipality is very active culturally. We have been known for many years for our activities on the Kystmuseet.


CoastAdventure - get wild near Bergen in Øygarden
Øygarden is a fascinating destination for those who want an active vacation, full of unique experiences and quiet place to just walk around.

Øygarden is a coastal municipality with approximately 4 850 inhabitants.

Øygarden municipality has 3 communal and 3 private kindergartens. The number of schools are 4 primary schools and 1 secondary school.

The main admission period for kindergarten is coordinated and takes place in March. You have to apply before the 1th of March.


Are you looking for work in the municipality of Øygarden? Some useful links:

NAV in English
UDI Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
How to start and run an entreprise in Norway

Øygarden is positioned at a westernpart of Bergen. 
There are classified road, bus connections to Bergen and Fjell (Straume).
The mainairport Flesland, Bergen is just 45 minutes away.

The municipality and the county administration offer various health services such as public health centres, medical centres, school health services and physiotherapy.

General information about care, rehabilitation and welfare in Øygarden.

If you are planning to build or renovate a house, you will require approval of your plan from Øygarden Municipality before you can proceed, and should therefore become familiar with the relevant municipal rules and regulations.

Formalities related to moving to Norway are handled by two national government bodies - the Skatt Vest Tax Assesment Office and the Office of the National Public Registrar.


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Regular garbage is collected from private homes and businesses after a schedule which every household has got in theire postbox. You can also find it her: Scedule for collecting garbage (PDF, 98 kB).

Here you can find telephonenumbers to different departments and services in Øygarden municipality.

For newcomers to Norway residing in Øygarden, Norwegian language instruction is available at Toftøy / old Toftøy school.
Telephonenumber you can find below. Refugees, asylum seekers and family members of Norwegian citizens have the right to at least 300 hours of free language instruction.

Welcome to the English version of Øygarden municipality's website. The site gives you an overview of the services offered by the municipality and tells you where and how you can find the information you need.

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