Schools and kindergarten

Øygarden municipality has 3 communal and 3 private kindergartens. The number of schools are 4 primary schools and 1 secondary school.

The main admission period for kindergarten is coordinated and takes place in March. You have to apply before the 1th of March.

You can also apply throughout the year and admission runs consecutively whenever there is vacancy. The same application form is used for both municipal and private nursery schools The application form is in Norwegian.

Applications are Internet-based and you can find the application forms by clicking
Apply for admission to kindergarten.

Information about the nursery schools and schools can find by clicking the pages for kindergarten or schools in Øygarden. This information, however, is not translated into English, but the contact information will help you get in touch with the nursery schools or schools relevant to you.

School day-care (SFO) is offered to all children from 1th. to 4th. grade. Children with special needs are offered school day-care from 1th. till 7th. grade. For further information, please contact the school relevant to you (see the menu on the right).

For questions regarding financial assistance such as child support, family allowance, maternity leave, parental and child benefits, careers leave and benefits, benefits for single parents - please contact NAV (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service).

The Ministry of Education and Research can give you more information about the Norwegian Education System and Nursery schools.

Kommunale barnehagar På denne lista finn du oversyn over kommunale barnehagar.
Kommunale barnehagar
Breivik barnehageMarianne SæleE-post992 16 126
Terna barnehageMarita OenE-post56 38 25 60
Tjeldstø barnehageHilde Sture ErvikE-post56 38 54 70
Skular i Øygarden Her finn du kontaktinformasjon til skulane.
Skular i Øygarden
Toftøy skuleArne Petter SolbergE-post56 38 55 50
Rong skuleIngunn Bente LieE-post56 38 55 35
Blomvåg skuleLinda HaugstadE-post56 38 24 50
Tjeldstø skuleLinda FærestrandE-post56 38 55 00
Øygarden ungdomsskuleStein Vidar RisløwE-post56 38 77 25
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