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CoastAdventure - get wild near Bergen in Øygarden
Øygarden is a fascinating destination for those who want an active vacation, full of unique experiences and quiet place to just walk around.

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The coastal region offers many different adventures, in breathtaking scenery.
45 minutes from Bergen, a kayak is waiting for you. One hour from Bryggen and you're in Kystmuseet. "Sea and Wind - Earth and Fire"exibition deals with how energy and resources have been in use for 10 000 years in a typical Norwegian coastal society. The area around the modern museum building also shows a coastal environment with its boathouses, salt house, boats and tools.  

Øygarden is a part of "Kysteventyret" - CoastAdventure. Below you`ll find some information from the CoastAdventure`s webpage on destinations in Øygarden:

Øygarden Salmon Centre
Nautnes Fiskevær
KystmuseetTales for the West : Hernar
Tales from the West: Adne House


Other destinations:
Kvernepollen Fishing and Holiday Centre
Team X

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