About Øygarden municipality

Øygarden is a coastal municipality with approximately 4 850 inhabitants.

The municipality of Øygarden was establised in 1964. The community center is located at Rong where you`ll find the townhall.

The people made their living on fishing and aquaculture. In the midle of 1980 the oil was brought ashore to Øygarden. Later there were brought ashore gas, and that have partially influenced development the last years.
The municipality was eventually connected to the mainland which led to new development, and the population has increased in recent years. It is attractive to live in Øygarden. The municipality is part of the region west which is now the municipalities Askøy, Fjell, Sund and Øygarden.

Official statistics about Øygarden (in Norweigan): Statistics Norway - SSB

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Øygarden municipality Visiting/post-adress: Ternholmvegen 2

5337 Rong
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